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Among the first candidates featured on Progressive House VA. — Progressive House Virginia

I endorse Ken Boddye's candidacy for the House of Delegates. — Koran T. Saines - Sterling District Supervisor, Loudoun County

Our Revolution is proud to endorse progressive candidates in Virginia: — Our Revolution

Ken's participation in our progressive bottom-up movement exactly what Bernie Sanders was hoping to inspire. His policies are as popular as they are bold and finely tuned to the needs of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We endorse Ken and call on all our members and friends, especially those in Our Virginia Chapter to chip in at least 5 bucks to his campaign right away! — Local Berniecrats

Ken understands the problem: A lot of people feel excluded, a lot of people need a job, and most of those people are feeling both. Mr. Boddye will put as much work as he can in this campaign to fix these problems.

— Bheema D Cashman

I support the [Ken Boddye] because I don't believe that the Republican-held state legislature should only feel they are accountable to special interests and their republican constituents. I'm a resident of this county and this state, and I want delegates who will look out for all Virginians.

— Kisa Lape

I endorse Ken Boddye's candidacy.

— Charlotte McConnell

I endorse Ken Boddye's candidacy.

— Trevor Monk

I support Ken Boddye's candidacy. — Steven Harris-Scott

“I support [Ken Boddye] because we need elected official who fully represent the diversity within Prince William County.” — Maureen Brown-Petracca

I support Ken Boddye's candidacy.

— Jonathan Fields

“Ken Boddye is knowledgeable and forward-thinking. He is the perfect person to progress out-of-date laws and apply modern day principles. Voting him into office just makes sense.”

— Damikka Mitchell

I support Ken Boddye.

— Jaime DeYoung

I support Ken Boddye.

— Daniel Carlos

Run For Something is proud to endorse its first four candidates:

— Run For Something

Ken’s experience in politics and the community make him uniquely suited to lead and legislate the progressive agenda, the agenda of economic and electoral equality. His dedication to Virginia makes him the perfect candidate to be the voice in Richmond that we all need at a time like this.

— Political Revolution PAC

Virginians rising up to support clean money candidates with our time and money:

— Clean Money Squad

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