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Voting Rights

Voting rights in Virginia are treated with suspicion at the moment. Those that wish to vote early (absentee) must need a reason in order to do so, women who get married need to get a new drivers license or face the risk of a provisional ballot, and college students are given little options to voting.

The right to vote is a hallmark of our democracy, and we should be making exercising that right as accessible and as easy as possible If elected, I would push vigorously for a 21 Century Voting Rights Act which would:

  • Allow for no-reason-necessary absentee voting.
  • Automatically register teenagers who will be 18 by election day.
  • Allow for Same-day registration.
  • Make mail-in absentee ballots pre-paid postage.
  • Expand the types of identification accepted for registration and verification on election day.
  • Allow additional options for college students, including bringing more voting locations onto college campuses.
  • Allow for a process of restoration of rights for ex-felons,including automatic restoration at the completion of sentences and parole on certain lesser crimes.

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