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Campaign Finance Reform

Virginia currently does not put any limit on the amount of money an individual or business may donate to a politician or politician’s committee; it relies chiefly on the disclosure of campaign contributions to prevent undue access to our state government. This is not the case, however, as many of our elected officials rely on contributions from large corporate donors to fund their campaigns, and those donors expect favorable legislation in return. This dynamic creates a system where large-dollar donors have more influence over Richmond than working people and it leads our representatives to spend more time courting donors than actually representing their constituents. Ken does not accept contributions from large corporations and will push for legislation that will limit campaign contributions and reign in the influence of money in Virginia politics.

Current laws require campaigns to disclose who they receive funds from; however, getting this information in a clear and concise manner can be challenging to the general public. As Delegate, Ken will also work to make accessing a history of a politician’s donors easier so voters will be well informed when it comes to who their elected officials are representing. 

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