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Ken has been a champion for healthcare for nearly a decade. After graduating from Georgetown University, he joined the ranks of Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America,) and moved to New Mexico to build support for the Affordable Care Act. He fought hard for the original version of the bill which included a public option and additional protections for women and those with pre-existing conditions.

Ken will fight for medicaid expansion so we can cover 400,000 additional Virginians (1,300 of which are in the 51st District,) and start to claim the billions of dollars in taxpayer funds we've been letting Washington send to other states. He will also advocate for the necessary funding to drastically decrease (and eventually eliminate) the 11,000+ medicaid waiver waitlist; some of the disabled Virginians on this list have been waiting for nearly a decade for the resources they need for care.

He will also fight for accessible healthcare for women. Ken is a strong advocate for pre- and post-natal care coverage and additional funding for Planned Parenthood (and allowing women all throughout the commonwealth to use their private insurance to seek care at their clinics. He also believes we should have paid maternity leave and put additional legal protections in place so new mothers and their families cannot be penalized for having a child.

Ken believes that abortion is a matter to be discussed and decided upon by a mother and her doctor, not the General Assembly.

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